Until 1000x Server Opening


Hight Server Opening


Server Information: Season 6 Episode 3, Experience 1000x, added holiday bonus experience, gold party system work, bc,ds,kalima,land of trial bonus experience, events every day, good drop, maximal 32767 stats, reset bonuses, stats save after reset, maximum 100 Resets, build own stats, grand reset system, reward Gold Coins and free 20,000 stat points, grand reset from 100 resets, referral system enabled, invite friends and get Coins, and much more bonuses how to get coins, for more information follow us in forum. Market, Item Shop, Vote Reward and much other interestin features are enabled in website. The Best high rate server event Castle Siega work, added good drop in Land of Trial map. Lucky Coin, Cherry Blossom, Cash Shop, PcPoint Shop, Bot Store, Warpers, Buffers are enabled, for more information follow us in forum, write your suggestions to make us better, also we searching good gm team, all can write gm applications, good luck and we waiting for you on 04 may.

Posted 27 / 05 / 2015

MysticalMu are Successfully Opened


MysticalMu are opened, tomorrow we will try open the community forum, where players can read more information about server configuration, events and other server information. Are creadet spots in Lorencia, Devias, Noria, Elbeland, Dungeon, Atlans, Losttowers, Tarkan, in all maps have more spots with 4-6 monsters, spots are hidden, not near town, you need find it, soon will be created spots in highest maps.

Server Start Events:

  • Player who get first Reset, will be rewarded with 300 Coins. (Winner Tsunade)
  • Player who first get 5 resets, will be rewarded with 600 Coins. (Winner GODs)
  • Player who get first 10 Resets, will be rewarded with 1000 Coins. (Winner IceikQru)
  • Firs player who get 200 Pk Count, will be rewarded with 500 Coins.(Winner Tsunade)
  • Guild who first will get 20 Members with 3 resets, will be rewarded: all guild members 500 Coins, Battle Masters and Assistant 700 Coins, Guild Master 1000 Coins.
  • Also will be opened Top Voter event and many other events, more information will be written soon on forum.

Posted 02 / 05 / 2015



     Season 6 Episode3, Drop: 50%, PPL: 5/7/7, Cash Shop in game enabled, buy pets, tickets, potions, buffs, wings and other items using Wcoins, PcPoint Shop enabled, buy pets, jewels, tickets, wings and other items using Zen and PcPoints.Level required to create characters: MG - 220, DL - 250, SUM - 300, RF - 350. Marry system enabled, work shop for married and tracemarry command from 200 levels.Master Skill work, maksimum 200 Levels,  Gold Party system, Official MuHelper, Castle Siega work, added Bot buffers and bot warpers in lorencia, devias. and much more interesting!

     New, Interesting Events happen in MysticalMu every day: CruWolf Event, Raklion Event, Kanturu Event, Golden Invasion, White Wizard Invasion, Boss Attack, Sky Event, Illusion temple, Summer Event, Blue Event, Hit and Up Event, Happy Hour Event, Castle Deep Event, BC, DS ,CC, Golden Cherry Event, Halloween Event, Gens Close Map Event and other interesting event, all event drop, monsters are configured, best server event Castle Siega happen every week!

     Reset System: Reset from 400 Levels,  Reset cost 10,000,000 Zen * Reset, stat points clear after reset: BK,SM,ELF,SUM: 700 Points * Reset, MG,DL,RF: 800 Points * Reset, for each reset players will get 15 Coins, Maximum can add 100 Resets, build own stats.

     Grand Reset System: GR from 100 Resets, Reward 5000 Gold Coins and Bonus 20,000 Stat Points * GR, Grand Reset Bonus stat points save each reset (Example: Maximum have 100 Restes = 70000 Stat Points, After GR all stats clear, but you will get bonus 20,000 Stats, after GR when you get 100 Resets, you have been 70k + 20k Stat Points, after second GR 70k + 40k Stat Points...)

     Referral System: invite friends using your referral link and get for each friend 20 Resets 500 Coins, Referral link and invited friend list you can find in account panel, Referral System.

     Online Hour Exchange: all players can exchage Online Hours to Zen, 1 Hour Online = 1,000,000 Zen


(16:00 +2GMT)

Posted 01 / 05 / 2015

Comming New Mu Online - MysticalMu


        MysticalMu are new, private MuOnline free Game Server, where can play anyone who loves MuOnline, we will have tree different rate servers, 150xp, 1000xp and 50xp (later maybe will be some changes). First of all will be opened medium rate server - 150xp in 02.May. We have website in three languages - English, Russian, Latvian in future we think translate website in more languages, to make easier use mysticalmu website from all world, to do it we think get helpers, who will help us translate website, also we will need Moderators, GameMasters who will speak in different languages to help players who do not understand English.

        We have premium website, with many options who make game more interesting, players can exchange online hours to Coins, for each reset players will receive Coins, added Grand Reset system, after GR players will receive reward: Coins or Gold Coins, also after GR players will receive new stat points, added Market system, where players can buy, sell items using Coins, Gold Coins and Zen, unical Item shop, players can add on items, excellent, harmony, refinery, ancient, socket options, can add limit on item options, players can buy items using Coins and Gold Coins, also you can add items on Shop Cart and later buy it. Added Vote Reward system, where players can vote for server and get for it free Coins, vote you can every 12 hours, also added Top Voter Ranking, where all can see month top voters, each month top voters will be rewarded. We have referral system, where players can invite friends to play MysticalMu and get for it Coins, players can easy switch servers in website,also on each server you don't need create different account, with one account you can login in all worlds, after server opening we will open community forum, where players can read more information about all website features.

        MysticalMu will use Season 6 Episode 3 server files, on x150 server drop will be 50%, configured zen drop, 5/7/7 points per each level, +1 point after Marlon quest, also +1 point in Hit and Up event. in game client included official MuOnline auto clicker,  level required to create character: MG - 220, DL - 250, SUM - 300, RF - 350. After each reset stats clear, 700/800 Stats * Reset. In all maps have added spots, with 5 monsters in spot, Cash Shop are opened, players can buy items using Wcoins, Wcoins you can get in webpage. Configured all event drops, we configure event drops to make game more interesting, all droped items will be needed. PcPoint system enabled, kill Kanturu, Kalima, Blood Castle, Raklion, Golde monster bosses and receive PcPoints, for pcpoints you can buy, small wings, jewels, tickets, pets and other items. Castle Siega event work, added spots in Land of Trial, in that map you can drop, jewels, wings 1,2lvl, anciant items, empty sphere 4,5 lvl , and much more interesting you can find in us.

        In Download list was added Game Client, you can start download client, and wait with us Grand Opening on 02.May, also you can start using vote reward system. On Grand Opening will be opened new, server start Events like, Reset Race, Best Guild, and others, after grand opening will be opened forum where you can read more information about events, also in forum you can read information about all server configs, events, suggest your ideas to make game more interesting and communicate with other players, Good Luck :)

Posted 26 / 04 / 2015

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