Exp: Х50
Drop: 30%
Grand Opening:  26 September
Exp: Х1000
Drop: 50%
Grand Opening  05 October


FriendsMu Reopening
17 / 09 / 2014


As you can see, FriendsMu lost many players, so we will wipe all servers , all characters, resets, items, credits are wiped. 
All Donators get back Credits for Donations, to get back credits you need contact with us on skype: j.guura , send us your account name , payment method and server where you donate
LOW SERVER OPENING 26 September 18:00 (+2GMT)
  • Season 6 Episode 3
  • Experience: 50x (No CashShop , No Bonus Experience)
  • Drop: 30%
  • Maximal Stats: 32767
  • Points Per Level: 5/7/7 (Stats Clear After Reset: BK,SM,ELF,SUM: 700 Stat Points * Reset / MG,DL,RF: 800 Stat Points * Reset)
  • Level required to create character: MG - 220, DL - 250, SUM - 300, RF - 350
  • Reset Bonuses (After Each Reset , Reward 50 Credits)
  • Referral System (Invite Friends in x50 Server and Get for Each Friend 5 Resets 300 Credits)
  • Vote Reward (Vote for server each 12 hours and get free credits)
  • Grand Reset System (GR from 50 Resets, Reward 5000 Credits, Stats Clear after GR)
  • Market System (Buy, Sell Items for Zen, Credits)
  • Zen Drop Balanced
  • MuHelper Work (Official Mu Auto Clicker)
  • PcPoint Shop, Bot Traders, Bot Buffers, Bot Warpers Work
  • New, Configured Events (Happy Hour, Hit And Up, Blue Rabbit, Summer, Lucky Coin, Cherry Blossom, Sky, Castle Deep and much more Events)
  • Spots In All Maps (Configured to Fight for Spot)
  • Gold Party System Enabled
  • Gens System Work
  • Marry System Work (Marry Shop and /tracemarry Work)
  • Holliday Bonus Experience + Blood Castle Bonus Experience
  • In Kalima and Land of Trial Bonus Experience
  • And Muc More...

We Have Stable Hosting, Protected from Ddos attack , we can promise you, stable server online 24/7

If you have FriendsMu Client , you dont need download new Client , you can play with one client in all Worlds

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